Window Cleaner

About Us

Reliable Service: We provide the highest quality, daily and periodical routine work; we arrive on time, each day.

Flexibility: Our service is provided when it is convenient for you, we can work before, during or after your office hours.

One-time Clean-up: We do one-time Clean-Ups to bring your facilities up to excellent standards, then maintain them at that level.

Technology: We use state of the art techniques, equipment and cleaning materials; this allows us to achieve high productivity. We follow all EPA and OSHA requirements for cleaning solvents.

Experienced Personnel: Many of our staff have been with us for more than ten years, the average length of employment is at least 3 years; all our employees are bonded and fully covered by Workmen's compensation, Public Liability, General Liability and Property insurance.

Supervision: Our Supervisors are highly trained, and have many years of experience; each Supervisor works with each cleaning crew on a daily basis; each Supervisor stays in touch with the home office by cell phone; all vital information is transmitted daily; the Office is open every day.

Floor Buffing Machine

Effective Back-up: There is a formal structure for handling any concerns.

Pricing: Our rates are highly competitive and tailored to fit your budget.

Supplies: We provide all of the cleaning materials and equipment that our Staff uses.

Our prices on consumable paper supplies and plastic liners, are very competitive, and we deliver to your location. We even keep track of the supplies on hand.

Here are some of the supplies we can provide to you:
* C-Fold Towels * White Roll Towels Kleenex * Toilet Tissue * Jumbo Junior Toilet Tissue Toilet Seat Covers * Plastic Liners all sizes * Liquid Hand Soap and much more...

We clean most floor surfaces, and can arrange for carpet spot cleaning as part of our cleaning project.