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Electrostatic Disinfecting

770 CLEANING CONTRACTORS provides many services in the commercial building maintenance field including Electrostatic Disinfecting.

Cleaning and sanitizing have never been more important. The method preferred by the major airlines and hotels is now with electrostatic sprayers. While this type of sprayer has been used for many years until now, they were primarily used by cleaning companies for known outbreaks.

They were expensive and are now in short supply. The basic feature of electrostatic spraying is to apply a positive charge to a liquid being sprayed. Like a magnet, opposites attract and like-charges repel. Most hard surfaces have a neutral or negative charge, so a positively charged spray is attracted to the surface and forms an even fine coating on the surface.

Further, because the same charges repel, fine mist spray particles repel themselves causing the liquid to disperse better and not form droplets in the air. The positively charged liquid is attracted to the negatively charged surface until it is evenly coated.

Once coated, the spray is not attracted to it, and it seeks other uncoated surfaces. This is why electrostatic spraying is so efficient and effective. It uses less liquid and reaches hard to reach areas. The spray is attracted to crevices and even wraps around objects or corners seeking the opposite charge. This technology is perfect for applying a disinfectant.

It results in an even application and ``wraps`` around objects and gets to hard to reach areas. Plus, it is many times faster than the alternative of spray and wipes. Because it applies a very fine coating surfaces are not drenched with liquid so virtually any surface can be sprayed.

Virtually every public place needs this; technology-schools, medical offices, spas, gyms, churches, salons, restaurants, janitorial services, etc.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Hallway Electrostatic Disinfecting Door Electrostatic Disinfecting Bathroom Electrostatic Disinfecting Church

Have you ever thought of disinfecting your office, school, or any other facility? We now have state of the art latest technology Electrostatic sprayers, and environmental friendly Chemical EPA registered. That kills 99.9999%.

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